Klamath Basin October 2010 meeting

October 7, 2010, 9 am to 5 pm
Mazama/Scott Rooms in the College Union Building at the
Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls (map)

DRAFT Agenda – also see meeting materials

  1. Introductions and review agenda.
  2. General Public Comment—This period of time is set aside to allow members of the public to address the Council on any issue that is not on the agenda. The facilitator may limit the amount of time allotted overall or for each speaker, as he determines to be reasonably necessary.
  3. Review and Adopt KBCC Protocols—This is a Voting Matter; there will be public comment prior to the vote.
  4. Review status of implementation of the Hydroelectric Settlement—PacifiCorp.
  5. Review status of draft Drought Plan—Drought Plan Lead Entity.
  6. Discuss draft of FACA charters for Klamath Basin Advisory Council and Technical Advisory Team—John Bezdek and Kristen Johnson.
  7. Review workplan and schedule for implementing Restoration Agreement—Ed Sheets.
  8. Discuss process to add new organizations as Parties.
  9. Discuss communications and outreach plan.
  10. Public comment period.
  11. Discuss next steps and schedule for future meetings.